Gorleston Beach
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  • These events occurrred in the years 2004/5

What was it all about?

Gorleston Beach - How disaster was averted and the Great Yarmouth Borough Council was stopped from vandalising Gorleston Beach

Our aim is to make sure that any proposed Coastal Protection Schemes for Gorleston-on-Sea by the Great Yarmouth Borough Council or the Environment Agency or any other public body for that matter is in accordance with the wishes of local residents.

The last last proposed scheme in 2004 was backed 100% by the GYBC and rejected as totally unnecessary and inappropriate by the residents of Gorleston. Some of the residents had a knowledge of coastal engineering so were by no means ignorant of the issues; the majority relied on common sense.

By now, January 2021, according to GYBC predictions in 2004 the Sea Wall at Gorleston would have collapsed and all of the promenades would now be part of the North Sea. Patently this has not happened. GYBC was after the money. £10m was being offered by the Government of the day for sea defences.

It would have been large Pink Gins all round at the Town Hall had the residents not delayed proceedings until the Government withdrew the money.

Something to think about.

Stop voting for parties and start voting for individuals. It is the best way forward for all of us.