Gorleston Beach
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  • These events occurrred in the years 2004/5

Eastport Outer Harbour Development

At the "State of the Council" meeting (October 3rd 2005) the Leader of the Executive Cabinet (GYBC), Barry Coleman stated that he was certain the Eastport harbour scheme will now go ahead and there are safeguards in place to ensure that the Harbour will not have a detrimental affect on Gorleston Beach.

How can this be judged if the Council are not monitoring Gorleston Beach.

It is plain that the Council will not be in a position to get any compensation from Eastport as they will have no evidence of the state of the beach before, during or after the development of the Outer Harbour.

EastPort update: Jan 2021

Construction work on the Outer Harbour began in June 2007. The harbour was planned to bring trade to the area. The plans included a container terminal and a passenger ferry terminal, but with no confirmed contracts these were not built. Naturally the 1,000 jobs promised by GYBC never materialised - no surprises there then! In May 2009 two Gantry Crane's were constructed but stood idle except for a few training sessions until they were relocated in pretty short order.

The Outer Harbour has been described as a complete "White Elephant". The Inner Port (River Yare) and Outer Harbour have operated on a profitable basis, largely owing to general cargos, offshore support and exploration operated from the Inner Port which was once owned and operated by GYBC.

Something to think about.

Could you honestly believe that any member of GYBC then or now would actually stand up to EastPort. You get what you vote for.