Gorleston Beach
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  • These events occurrred in the years 2004/5

Meetings with GY Borough Council

It is to be expected that any detrimental changes to a much loved local ammenity was going to lead to a lot of local interest and intense scrutiny.

It is no surprise that this subject would also generate considerable correspondence between the residents of Gorleston and the Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

Consequently, Great Yarmouth Borough Council have held meetings with Gorleston residents to discuss the controversial coastal protection measures they are planning for the beach at Gorleston. They have published minutes of these meetings all of which can be read in this section of this website.

Gorleston Councillors, GYBC Officers, Halcrow, who were the preferred consultants and Tony Wright MP were on one side of the argument and the residents were on the other side of the argument.

Since Gorleston is a coastal town it is no surprise that there are a number of residents with considerable expertise when it comes to coastal protection. The Council were unprepared for the demolition of the case that Halcrow prepared and that they wholeheartedly endorsed.

However politicians have never let losing an argument stop them from making bad decisions. What stopped this ill advised project was that the government decided to stop funding coastal projects such as that proposed at Gorleston. However if GYBC Councillors had lived up to their responsibilities there should have been monies available for repairs to the seawall at Gorleston but alas the coffers were lacking.